Wedding Registry

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Create a Registry

Its easy to create a registry, sign up and enter few details like your name, event date, location etc. and you are good to get started.

Manage My Registry

Any changes to the event date, adding or removing products, updating address, sharing you registry with your friends can all be done easily from here.

How It Works

Sign Up & Create Your Registry

Sign Up and enter your basic details, the event date to receive all your gifts by, a photo of you and your spouse and a personal note for your guests. You can make your Registry private if you prefer.

Add Gifts To Your Registry

Review the wide selection of products across categories and the ones you love, view the product details and click on "Add to Registry" to have the product added to your Registry. Make it more fun, involve your other half to create your wishlist. You don't have to do it in one sitting, you can always find your Registry under "Wedding Registry”.

Invite Guests To Your Registry

Share your registry with your loved ones. Invite friends and family to view your wishlist and buy you a wedding gift. Your guests get 15% off when they buy you a gift from your Registry.

Receive Gifts and Enjoy The Special Day

Its easier for everyone, your Guests have the peace of mind of not worrying about you not finding the gift interesting. For you no more hassles to account all the gifts from the Guests. Enjoy your Special Day.

Complete Your Registry

Your registry remains open to you for 3 months after your wedding. For any items not purchased, you can buy it at additional 10% off discount.

Why Create your Registry with us?

Curated Items Just For You

We collaborate with brands, designers and local artisan communities to curate and get the best and unique products for you.

Special Gift Just for Two of You

We are honoured that you have chosen us to be a part of your life now and for ever after. As our appreciation you’ll receive a trendy Z-Clock as a thank you.

10% off for 3 months

For any items remaining in your registry after your event date, you get 10% off for the next 3 months. We don't want you to miss those must-have's you put together in your registry.

Free Stylist for Expert Advice

We assign you a dedicated stylist for free from the moment you sign up. Get all the expert advice and one-on-one attention you need. No question is small enough for the biggest event in your life. So better seek than be sorry!

Keep the Thank You to Your Guest on us

We know these are some of the busiest time of your life, we keep track of who gave you what and send Thank You note to your Anu Masi, Karan Uncle and your gang of friends to make the day special for you.